WPshore Breadcrumb

finalbreadcBreadcrumbs is a website navigation technique. With the help of breadcrumbs a user can see where the current page is in relation to the website’s hierarchy. It allows the user to retrace their steps.With the help of this plugin you can display different delimiters corresponding to different pages in your website.


Contact Form 7 Leads Tracking

Leads TrackingThis plugin adds additional info to all contact form 7 outgoing emails. The additional info includes:

  • Form Page URL
  • Original Referrer
  • Landing Page
  • User IP
  • Browser


WP Head Cleanup

WP head cleanupWP Head Cleanup helps you to remove unnecessary extra links from your header page.Plugin will remove following links:

  • rsd_link
  • wp_generator
  • feed_links
  • feed_links_extra
  • index_rel_link and many other